Skylar Security’s Jamine Moton

Growing up as an athlete involved with team sports, Jamine Moton knew early on that she possessed the traits of a strong leader: strength (both mental and physical), courage, empathy, self-awareness and innovativeness. As a self-described “Bully’s Bully,” Jamine understood the importance of intervening and protecting her classmates without violence - using only her stature, articulation and effective leadership skills. It was destined that she would start a career in criminal justice and human resources after graduating from Clemson University and competing in the 2004 Olympic Trials for the Hammer Throw.

During her time working at a local juvenile intake facility, she discovered her passion of preventing crimes against children using re-education and de-escalation tactics. From there, she served five years with a large metro Atlanta Police Department, focusing on community outreach.

In 2018, she seized an opportunity to reshape and reinvent how companies handle security. Her experiences in criminal justice awakened her entrepreneurial spirit and led her to launch Skylar Security, a luxury brand comprised of specialized, unarmed and highly trained guards.

After studying the industry for three years, she discovered that the private sector was in worse shape than the public sector. Skylar Security was created to help improve safety for local communities, law enforcement and the private sector using the philosophy of re-education and de-escalation, Jamine’s founding principles. “Security is not a weapon; it is an emotion,” she added. “Security is being intentional about getting in front of issues before they occur, so weapons aren’t needed to de-escalate an issue.”

Jamine credits her experience with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) within FlatironCity in helping her reach her full potential as CEO and advancing Skylar Security. WEI also provided a space for Skylar Security and other emerging women-owned businesses to support each other. “There’s something very powerful about community and women that come together to leverage each other and help each other,” she said. While participating in the program, she piqued the interest of Flatiron’s building owner, who’s been a longtime advocate for women-owned businesses. After receiving encouragement from a Skylar supporter, she put in a bid for FlatironCity and was awarded a contract to secure the city’s most historic building. The stars aligned!

Jamine enjoys working with clients like FlatironCity, who, like Skylar Security, have high standards and a specific way of getting things done. She refers to this synergy as brand alignment, but we call it magic!