Dog Scarves, Doggy Con and Entrepreneurship

In honor of Woodruff Park's Doggy Con last month, we talked with Abigail Stovall, owner of Duke's Dog Scarves, which vended at the event. We first found out about Duke's Dog Scarves through Abigail's husband, Harrison, who works at Volantio on our 3rd floor - seems like they have quite the entrepreneurial bug as a couple!

Tell us about yourself and Duke’s Dog Scarves.

My name is Abigail Stovall and I'm the owner and creator of Duke's Dog Scarves. I make handmade accessories including scarves, bandanas, and bowties for pets. Every pet has their own personality, and Duke's helps you bring that personality to life in a fun, stylish way.

Where did you get the idea?

I grew up with pets, so I've always had a soft spot for animals. So when I started teaching myself to sew, I had to make something for them. A lot of times accessories for pets are really simple and not that interesting. I wanted something that was well-made, stylish, and full of personality. So, I started making them myself. And with that, Duke's was started!

What about the name?

Duke's Dog Scarves is named after a very special dog. My dog Duke is a lab / shepherd mix and he's an absolute sweetheart. He was my original model too! When I started making the first few scarves for him, they were really Duke's dog scarves. So really it just made sense that I name the company Duke's Dog Scarves.

What’s your favorite design you’ve done?

That's a hard question! When you're creating these you fall in love with every single one. I think my favorite so far is the "Take me to tha dog park" tie-on bandana. My husband and I have a beautiful dog named Teddy here in Atlanta and he lives for the dog park. He sometimes just has a look in his eyes like he's begging you to take him to the park. So I think that's my current favorite because it just absolutely speaks what's always on his mind!

What are your goals for your company?

I'd like to grow the company organically. No matter how big the company gets, I always want every single one of my products to be made with care and attention to quality. In the immediate future I'm looking to find a partner to start selling with in shops here in Atlanta. I started on Etsy, but there are so many wonderful boutiques here that I'd love to start doing in-person sales. So keep an eye out for Duke's!

How can people keep up:

You can find Duke's anytime online! I'm on Instagram and Facebook as @dukesdogscarves. Follow us for cute and stylish puppies and to be the first to hear about events and specials! You can see our full catalog anytime on Etsy. Just go to and it will take you to my Etsy shop.