Our top 10 moments of 2017

In chronological order, here's some of our favorite moments of the year!

1. Our first block party on Broad Street

Broad Street is one of our favorite streets in Atlanta, and we’ve held everything from Microsoft events to dinners out in the street. This year, we had our first few block parties, and our first one had over 100+ people, beautiful weather and an awesome DJ. It set the bar for what we want to see out on a Broad: a diverse, vibrant community and different companies downtown all getting to know each other.

2. Bake-offs

We love some friendly competition at FlatironCity as well as any delicious food. This was the perfect recipe (get it!) for Bake Offs each quarter at our Happy Hours. “The Great Flatiron Bake-off” was a great way for our companies to show off their baking chops.

3. Breakout Dinner

Breakout, a community of leaders and entrepreneurs, had its annual gathering in Atlanta this year, exploring the best the city had to offer. We loved attending the gathering and meeting amazing entrepreneurs throughout the whole weekend, and got to host a 50 person dinner out on Broad Street for a group of the leaders, featuring food by local entrepreneurs Sweet Sweet Syria.

Breakout dinner

Breakout dinner, June 2017

4. Volantio grows, and is in the Economist!

FlatironCity is home to a variety of startups, and we love watching them grow within the building. One of those companies, Volantio, grew their office this year, moving from one of our coworking floors to their own space. They also attracted national press for their work optimizing revenue for airlines – read about them in the Economist, NBC news and Bloomberg.

5. Peachfest

We love good food. So when the opportunity came up for us to be the official fest of Peachfest, a food festival all about peaches, local Georgia food, bourbon and pork, we were very excited. The first Peachfest was awesome and we already can’t wait for year 2 – save the date for July 29th 2018. If you can’t wait until then, stay tuned for the Flatiron food series, a monthly speaker and food series launching this January!

6. So Far Sounds in our lounge

We also love good music. So Far sounds is a secret popup concert featuring local music, and one of their fall shows was in our lounge in the lobby. Seeing the space transformed into a music venue has inspired us to have more musicians come play at Flatiron, like cellist Mary Horst, who played our holiday party. If you’re interested in playing at Flatiron, contact us at info@flatironcity.com.

7. Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative Graduation

The WEI graduated its first class this September with 15 women entrepreneurs completing the program. We are so proud of the first class and are excited to gear up for the second cohort which begins in January 2018!

8. Civic X Workshop

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator, which, like the WEI, works with a class of promising entrepreneurs, is based nationally but has their kickoff in Atlanta. This year we hosted their kickoff workshop and loved the energy of having the group in our coworking space.

9. AR/VR Day with Microsoft MVP James Ashley

Microsoft’s virtual reality device, the Hololens, integrates holograms into your existing environment and has potential for applications in business ranging from real estate to health care. We have a Hololens on site, and explored it’s uses with Deloitte and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional James Ashley, who showed us the ins and outs of the device. We can’t wait to explore more about the Hololens next year.

10. New Years’ Eve Peach Drop

Finally, this hasn’t happened yet, but we’re pretty excited about the peach dropping from our building on December 31! We’re excited to be part of the newest chapter of the city’s New Years’ Eve Peach Drop tradition.