Peachfest: A celebration of local food and Broad street

Over the last few months, FlatironCity has worked to “activate” Broad Street (adjacent to the building) –bringing more people, activity and vibrancy to the street. Broad Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Atlanta, full of great food, a beautiful tree canopy and even standing in for New York City during movie shoots.

The hope behind these efforts is to bring more life to Broad: at lunch it’s bustling and vibrant, but later in the evening, most of downtown dies down. We often hear from the companies in our building and our neighbors that they would love to hang out more downtown after work if they could.

As such, in April we began an experiment of sorts: what events do people want to see on Broad Street and downtown? And how can we as a building be part of that?

First, we hosted a Tuesday night happy hour and invited people who live in work downtown. We had a great turnout of 100+ people, as well as Atlanta Urban Photo walkers, who took some amazing photos.

Photo by Lauren Holley, @graphiknation

We also hosted a Choose ATL block party and a Breakout dinner. Breakout, which invited entrepreneurs from all over the US to come experience Atlanta for a weekend, held a special outdoor dinner with a supper club provided by Sweet Sweet Syria, a local Syrian refugee family that is starting a cookie business. Broad street has the potential to be a place of entrepreneurship, experiment, and a testing ground for the rest of the city: from a launch of food by Syrian refugees starting a restaurant like at the Breakout dinner to a flagship festival celebrating Georgia’s most iconic crop.

We’re excited to announce that Flatiron is an official host of Peachfest, the first annual downtown food festival that celebrates and supports sustainable agriculture by highlighting Georgia peaches. Though we are pretty excited about the peach flatbreads, chef peach creations and peach beer brew-off, we wanted to be involved because of what Peachfest could be for Broad Street and downtown.

Atlanta is all about the festival, and an iconic downtown festival would fit right in with that! See you this Sunday at Peachfest – grab your tickets here!