SwitchPitch Comes to FlatironCity

Last month SwitchPitch came to FlatironCity. Our construction crew was here through the night to ready the point side of our lobby (what is to be the Microsoft Innovation Center) and we set up 1,600 square feet of tents on Broad Street to host the event. Attendees received an up close look at what it takes to reopen a 118 year old building, as our crews worked diligently around the event activities - never skipping a beat. The event itself? Priceless. The SwitchPitch mission of bringing together entrepreneurs and enterprise level companies is one that echoes our own vision - bridging the gap between entrepreneurs, corporates and academia. Enterprise companies such as The Weather Company, IHG, and COX pitched funded projects to Atlanta based startups. Startups in attendance this year included Tenrocket and RW Code Lab (be sure to check out their product - Blissbook).

After pitches wrapped up, reps from enterprise companies took speed meetings with participating entrepreneurs. From here the projects are posted on SwitchPitch's online platform and will open to bids from interested entrepreneurs. If you want to learn more about SwitchPitch, you can catch us on biz1190's Dana Barrett Show here.