The Silicon Valley Funding Fallacy

If you build it, they will come- innovative ideas attract stacks of money. Okay okay - the process of raising capital is a little more complicated. One thing is clear - there is a common "the funding just isn't here" rhetoric around Atlanta that frankly, just isn't true. The notion that funding is lacking because our Valley brethren are hogging the dollars is a misconception non-Valley entrepreneurs must shake. Capital flows to great ideas and successful execution plans.

Over the hills and through the woods, far from Silicon Valley, venture capitalists like Jenny Lee are funneling capital to innovation in China. At last month's Converge tech conference in Hong Kong, there was serious consideration of Asia creating the next Silicon Valley. And why not? With power players like Alibaba and a startling increase in startups valued at more than $1 billion, they have certainly earned the right to entertain the idea. At the very least - they are innovating on a level that has garnered the attention (and wallets) of global investors. Read Can Asia Create the Next Silicon Valley? via WSJ