Coming Soon to FlatironCity

Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft has helped over 50,000 startups since 2008 through access to a global community of advisers, investors and partners, as well as providing Microsoft software and services. FlatironCity in partnership with Microsoft will feature a Hololens for research, the new SurfaceHub, a 3D printer, and will provide business and technical support to all FlatironCitizens.

Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative

On the 11th floor of FlatironCity, fifteen women founded companies will incubate their business at the Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) for fifteen months with support from corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Home Depot and UPS. The WEI will function as an incubator for existing women business owners to accelerate their business growth while also providing community outreach, education workshops and mentoring engagement to emerging business owners and future entrepreneurs.

FlatironEatery - An Italian Market & Eatery

Figo's Sandro Romagnoli is working hard to create some phenomenal eateries for FlatironCity. In addition to Figo's much loved pasta, FlatironCity will boast an Italian cafe featuring soups, salads and sandwiches (mmm...freshly baked breads) and an Italian coffee bar (espresso done right). We are excited to have our friends at Figo whipping up these unique eateries - very figo.