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FlatironCity Spotlight: Figo City Fast

All of our favorite restaurants have a good story behind them. We've found that the best food is handcrafted with love, and that owning a restaurant is usually driven by passion. We sat down with Sandro Romagnoli, the restauranteur behind Figo (which means much loved in Italian) to hear about his story and how he started Figo City Fast downtown. Tell us about yourself. I left my hometown of Certaldo, Italy, for the United States in 1995. When I looked back to a time when I was the most fulfilled I realized it was while working as a server at The George Hotel of Stamford in England, carving meat and slicing salmon tableside, I was happiest. Fifteen years of intense international travel that

Art in the cafe: Introducing Lily Moxley

Land of a Thousand Hills has just opened a new coffee bar on our first floor (that's open to the public!) and when we found out that our barista, Lily, was a printmaking major in school and also an artist, we worked with her to have an opening and her work on display. Come by, grab a cup of coffee and check out her through August 16th, and find out more about her inspiration below. What inspires you as an artist? My work itself draws influence from countless sources, from body positivity to wiccan mythology to surrealist artists like M C Escher and Hieronymus Bosch, but what inspires my work is much different than what drives me to make art. I am an artist for the connection and the emotiona

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