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FlatironCitizen Spotlight: Q&A with artist and UX designer Olivia Rado

We sat down with Launch's Olivia Rado - artist, curator and UX designer to hear about her artwork and speaking at Geekend. Photo credit: Jerry Hudson Tell us about yourself. Well, I was born and raised in Atlanta. I’ve lived all over, but I always move back to this city because in terms of culture - it’s good: art, music, food, mixed drinks, and southern hospitality. I received a BFA in printmaking from GSU, meaning I’m fairly process oriented from art to design. For the last few years, I’ve been into mark making and drawing processes. The processes relate to the limitations of the physical body and mental space of “flow” or happiness. Sometimes this means drawing with the body, using my br

Peachtalks kick-off at FlatironCity

PeachTalks are an initiative from the team at PeachFest hosted in our lounge at Flatiron to continue the conversation about agriculture while engaging and educating leaders in business and technology about ways they can assist in creating a safe, honest food system right here in our home state. At every PeachTalk, we aim to find a problem, present a solution, and eat & drink well. Here’s what we found from our first PeachTalk on January 31, 2018. After sampling smoky, cucumber flavored Mezcal cocktails (see recipe below!) on the first floor of Flatiron City in Downtown Atlanta, around 35 guests sat in a circle to learn more about PeachTalks. PeachTalks, a monthly speaker series focused on Ge

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