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Company spotlight: Volantio - a win-win for airlines and customers

The next time you’re at the airport, you may hear the airlines calling out at the gate asking for volunteers to give up their seat on an overbooked flight. Wouldn’t this be so much easier if passengers could volunteer before they get to the airport? Volantio does just that: it works with airlines to text real time offers to passengers to switch flights when flights are overbooked. This saves passengers time and a trip to the airport, and allows airlines to save money. One of our favorite parts of running Flatiron is getting to know companies that have great ideas that could change an entire industry, and this week, Volantio announced programs that shake up how we travel for the better. Volan

Peachfest: A celebration of local food and Broad street

Over the last few months, FlatironCity has worked to “activate” Broad Street (adjacent to the building) –bringing more people, activity and vibrancy to the street. Broad Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Atlanta, full of great food, a beautiful tree canopy and even standing in for New York City during movie shoots. The hope behind these efforts is to bring more life to Broad: at lunch it’s bustling and vibrant, but later in the evening, most of downtown dies down. We often hear from the companies in our building and our neighbors that they would love to hang out more downtown after work if they could. As such, in April we began an experiment of sorts: what events do people want

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